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Lighting Scheme for Car Scape at Night (2 replies)

4 months ago
Collateral 4 months ago

Roger, first let me thank you for this wonderful space you create and take your time to make it grow in such an unique way.

My name is Valentin Fusari, im from Argentina, currently stuyding cinematography in Buenos Aires. Well i have my first shooting (short film) in the year and the shoot involves a car scene, some guys steal a few things from a house and jump in the car to escape from the situation, so the scene have a high grade of adrenalin in it, as we are amateur and with little to no budget to put in this project, i think for the scape scene in the car this idea:

Put some projector to a blank wall showing the street with movement, as it was the car, this will be recorded with anticipation to have a look at that piece and see how the light is in there and match with the scene, the car is going to be placed in some garage. One of the lights will be rotating to have this kind of “passing by“ light and the other will be filling the whole car like it was the key light, im going for a underexposed situation to give some more sense of “chaos“ because they are splipping away from this situation and shoot mostly from outside of the car to have more room to move the camera.

So the question is this, what do you think about this kind of approach and what kind of solution would you suggest for shoot this scene?, with no budget at all, just 3 fresnel (2 650w and 1 2k), we have CTO and CTB to put on these


I know maybe this is too much to ask, but i will be very glad if you can give me some feedback on this.


Thanks in advance!


Valentin Fusari

The Byre
4 months ago
The Byre 4 months ago

I would have thought that a go-pro (or similar small camera) in a holder mounted on the car as it really drives is the best answer.  Making back-projection look real is very difficult.

simon m
4 months ago
simon m 4 months ago

Not Roger, but I've had good success filming an interior car scene just using a shoulder mounted camera. We did several takes with the camera in each actor's position, panning back and forth to the other actors. The jostling of the camera should ad some visceral energy to the escape scene. You can tape a small light onto the hood(shining into the car) of the car as Roger has done for several of his movies. It worked for us.

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