Lighting Process trailer for night driving (2 replies)

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itsadryheat 2 years ago

All comments and input is welcome! 

I'm lighting a process trailer coming up for night, but this time around i'd like to do something different than the old fashioned panning of lights through the windows.

I was thinking of some sort of a row or small lights on either side of the car to be set on a chase effect to make the sense of more movement with lighting. the budget is low and i can't go over the top with doing anything wireless ( i don't think) unless you guys know of a way. Then I'm also thinking of adding a few lights on each corner of the car with some sodium gel and some with metal halide to be dimmed on and off while driving. 


Love to hear everyones thoughts or ideas on this.


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sodac 2 years ago


i did something of that kind a few months ago. Director didn't want to use a trailer, so we had to figure a way to make everything so small and lightweight, so it can be rigged from a pipe rig on the roof and hood of the car.

I'm sorry, i didn't take pictures of the rig in action.

We took clear multi-wall sheets of plastic, 1cm of thickness. We cut pieces of 40x40 cm and put RGBW LED Strips in it. So each "tunnel" of this plasic sheets had a strip in it , at the end it just curved into the next tunnel.

We had six of those pieces. You can get DMX Controlled LED Strip dimmer real cheap, just make sure there frequency is high enough so you don't end up with flickering leds. We powered them from a 12V Truck Battery in the trunk of the car.

So we had 6 of those dimmers on the rooftop connected to a wireless dmx receiver. We were sitting in another car and three of us constantly changed the lighting to fit the outside. As we were driving trough the city we could simulate brakelights, shop windows, streetlight, etc. We didn't need it to "move" as we were driving for real and just needed to make the real stuff stronger and push it more into the car.

Lighting resets were super fast.

Since we used cheap LEDS colors were off, but this didn't matter since all the other colors of the original city lights are also off.

I'll see if i can find a photo.

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