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Lighting large room with white floor (1 reply and 1 comment)

2 months ago
Hans 2 months ago

Hello Roger, 
Next week I'm shooting a production in a large room (short preparation time due to circumstances). The room is 20x10m (66x33 feet). The floor is white. There's a balcony around the room that can be used to attach lamps. The railing of the balcony is 7m (23 feet) from the floor.
There's one actor walking over the entire floor. The director wants one kind of light all over the floor, so that the actor is in the light wherever he goes. 
I was thinking of making one closed square of LED tubes on the edge of the balcony – without gaps (or small gaps) to make a large ring light. Would this work? How many Watt would the LED tubes need to be? 
If LED tubes are too weak, we would use halogen spots. How far can they be apart for preventing multiple shadows? Many thanks in advance. 

Roger Deakins
2 months ago
Roger Deakins 2 months ago

That sound like a plan. If it is just soft light you are after you might just bounce lamps onto the ceiling above the balcony. That might be even softer and a very simple rig.

3 weeks ago

Thank you Roger, that would have been perfect to bounce them from the ceiling. But the ceiling was black unfortunately. We placed as many lamps as we had on the edge. Sometimes you can do only what you can. Result was good.

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