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1 month ago
Akahr 1 month ago

Dear Roger, 

         I read the script for 'The Man Who Wasn't There' recently. For the lawyer's scene, in which you employ what I assume is a large overhead source to create that ridiculously beautiful, barred circle of light for the characters, the Coen Bros. simply write that Freddy is "gazing with a distant smile up into the shaft of light that slants through the high window." As you mentioned on the podcast, their script direction in terms of lighting can be rather sparse. This seems to be one such example. My question is, how did you interpret that minimal line while reading it for the first time? Are you envisioning the wonderful image that ends up in the final movie immediately, or does this realization of approach come at a later juncture (like during storyboarding or making a lighting diagram)? It's so gorgeous and imposing. Always reminded me of that lovely shaft of light Toland uses in the vault scene in Kane. Except round, like the world's most noir-ish spotlight.
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