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Lighting for a car commercial (4 replies)

2 years ago
sambebbs1994 2 years ago

Hi all, 

I'm just looking for a little guidance on an upcoming project. I've got an upcoming project where I'm required to light a car in a studio to a similar level of the video link below.»

I'm a little unsure of how many lights i'll actually need and I'll need to put in a kit list prior to shoot for the studio. I'm wanting to achieve a fairly deep depth of field to keep everything sharp. 

The studio itself has a floating ceiling, so i'm wanting to create a giant softbox overhead.

Just wondering if anyone has done this before and if so how did you light/how many lights? 

Any guidance on this is extremely helpful!



2 years ago
dmullenasc 2 years ago»

The main thing to remember is that a shiny, polished car is like a mirror so you will see your ceiling rig reflected into it, so your soft box has to be evenly lit and the edges have to be black right up to the diffusion frame, you don't want to see truss, pipe, cables, clamps, gobo arms, etc.  This is one reason people rent things like Fisher Lights or giant Chimeras for the soft box.

Putting a grid of soft units behind the diffusion like Kino Image 80's or Skypanels will help spread the light more evenly.

2 years ago
Mike 2 years ago

Years ago we made a documentary at Fords, Warley Essex research facility where ‘foreign’ cars were “dismantled” but we had nothing like the lamps we have today. Watching the modern commercials it seems that the cars performance is not as important as the interior and the ‘toys’ it contains. Paint work looks dull compared to what it really is perhaps as a result of modern lighting systems that use heavy difusion but does look artificial to me. Ofcourse, these days cars are lacquered which does reduce reflection.
2 years ago
Regife 2 years ago

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