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Lighting experience in animated films (2 replies and 1 comment)

Javier Lafon
2 weeks ago
Javier Lafon 2 weeks ago

Hi Mr. Deakins 

I am a Digital artist, supervising the lighting department in a full CGI animated film.  One of my advisors was one of the lead lighters in "Dragons 2" and he used to talk with me about the experience working with you as a Cinematographer.

And for me would be really great to hear about your experience as a Cinematographer in the animation industry.  

**What is the difference between both (Live action / Full CG) ?

**In live action the process is Lights / camera / action.  And in Animation is Camera / Action / Lights.     Do you find this as a challenge or a limitation? 

** As a Cinematographer in an animated film, Do you get involved since the beginning of pre production?


**It would be really great to know how much you get involved in a CG production.  (art, previs, layout, animation, lighting, comp, color correction)

 This information is really important for me right now, because I'm currently trying to take a step forward from Lighting supervisor to Cinematographer, and I find in cinematography a huge unexplored field in the Animation industry. 

Thanks a lot, and regards from México

The Byre
2 weeks ago
The Byre 2 weeks ago

Roger and others speak at some length on this topic in three of the podcasts dedicated to animation here -»

Javier Lafon
1 week ago

Awesome!! Huge Thanks !!
Yesterday I started listening to it, and it was really useful !!

Roger Deakins
1 week ago
Roger Deakins 1 week ago

There are a number of postings on this site regarding my role in animation.

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