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Lighting Big Scenes with tons of extras (1 reply)

7 years ago
sashamoric 7 years ago

Hi Roger

One thing that is always a question mark for me is lighting large scenes, for example the subway chase in Skyfall and the "court room" in skilful where M is under the gun. Let me talk about the subway scene. 1st was the subway scene a real location that you guys owned or was it in studio? Also it seems to me that it was all lit with practicals that play in the scene. In the subway chase when they are on the platform what was the lighting setup like, then after they enter the subway car what was going on there for lighting, did you replace all the bulbs in the subway car with your own kino bulbs?

Regarding the Court room how did you light that, also was that a built set or was it a practical location?

Roger Deakins
7 years ago
Roger Deakins 7 years ago

Th subway, or underground, was a mix of locations and sets. When Bond is in the tunnel and the train is approaching he is on a set. The following sequences are on location until the train crashes through the roof and this is again shot on a set. The train was rigged on an I Beam so that it would fall in a predicted spot. 

The lighting was chiefly done with the practicals that appear in shot. The platform section where Bond gets on the train was lit by the florescent lights you see in shot. These were rigged for the film as the platform was disused and the lighting inadequate to shoot by. The train interior was our set so we rigged it as we needed.

When Bond is descending the stairs of the deep shaft we were using a bank of large HMIs rigged to mimic daylight filtering from above. Then we rigged some practicals below so he enters in daylight and descends into the warm orange light of practical sources. 

So, it was all a mix. The trick of such an extended sequence is to match from set to set or location to set so all is a seamless whole.

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