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lighting a big area ( Long shot of a medium sized tree and the surrounding area ) (No replies)

1 week ago
abanoub14 1 week ago

I am DPing for a short film set in a post apocalyptic world where the main characters come across the tree of life ( from genesis ) . It's a night exterior scene . I want the image to be moonlit so it's gonna be fairly dark . The tree will be backlit but i need a flood light to light the surroundings a little bit so they're not completely black . I was thinking of using a sky panel s60c as a backlight for the tree and an HMI 2.5k bounced off of a large white board to flood the area . I will be shooting on a bmpcc4k with zeiss cp2 lenses

Note : I'm going for a bleak(or dirty) natural look not commercial or "good looking"

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