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6 days ago
JoshLarson 6 days ago

Hey Roger and fellow forum members! I came acoss something new on a shoot amd wanted your opinion. Ive been a DP professionally for about 10 years now and i directed a spot a little bit ago and hired a DP and he had a very interesting way they lit.

He set his camera settings, then ND'd down about 6-8 stops till he had a dark blank scene. Then he just started blasting heavy output lighting (joker 1600s, skypanels, 2k+) and just started lighting that way.  By the end of the time g&e had the lighting set up, it was incredibly over lit to the eye but looked good in camera.

Whats your opinion of leveling up the lighting as such? Obviously there is a little more control, but do you think there is an advantage to this shooting style? 

Thanks all!


Roger Deakins
2 days ago
Roger Deakins 2 days ago

That is an interesting technique and makes sense if there is ambient light that you can't control and need to overpower.

2 days ago
dmullenasc 2 days ago

It’s also done if you have some shots planned in the scene where you be shooting at high frame rates for slow-motion, and would then pull the ND to compensate for the higher frame rate while keeping the same shooting stop,

Andreas Schwarz
2 days ago
Andreas Schwarz 2 days ago

 One thing to consider is, how actors have to deal with such bright light.

Closed eyes and less atmosphere to play in might be a problem....

Overheating the location is something that I would avoid, unless it helps for the scene (sweat on skin etc)

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