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LED lighting (1 reply)

5 years ago
tomlamt 5 years ago

Hi Mr Deakins,

I was wondering what your opinion on the quality of light created by LEDs are when compared to tungsten fixtures.   The effect of a traditional tungsten bulb is very natural and very warm, both in colour and in overall feel.  Do you think led has reached the point where it can achieve the same quality? 

Also do you think it's possible that LEDs could replace all lighting fixtures in the future now that hard sources and higher output lights are being developed.  If not, in your opinion what are the main downfalls of LEDs?

Many thanks in advance


Roger Deakins
5 years ago
Roger Deakins 5 years ago

LEDs are advancing very rapidly and I do think that tungsten bulbs will become a thing of the past in the next year or two if they are not already! When you dim an LED the colour remains the same whereas I am so used to dimming a tungsten bulb to get a warm look. At first that fazed me but  there are now a large variety of 'warm' LED bulbs and, in many instances, the fact that the colour remains consistent when dimmed can be a real advantage. It is just a different way of reaching the same place.

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