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MattBendo 5 months ago

Hi Roger and everyone!

I am shooting a short film on the 15th - 25th (7 days of shooting within those dates)

I have a scene where I have to have a lantern motivate the light for a wounded man sitting in a stone room (crawl space under a farm silo) and a girl who discovers him.

I've attached 3 images.  An image with the desired exposure (lens at a T/1.4).  An image of the exposure that the tools I use on the actual film day will have (T2.3, 180 degree shutter, 800 ISO).  An image of a reference from Apocalypse Now.

The lantern is an oil lantern.  This is the brightest I could get the lantern before the flame blackened the glass dome.

My question is, how should I light this?  I know this is a broad question, so I'll explain what some of my goals and needed camera angles/compositions would be.  

I would need to achieved a desired exposure at T/2.3, 800 ISO, 180deg Shutter.

I would need to have a wide of the man sitting against the wall.  A wide of the girl walking into the stone room.  A close up of each.  A profile 2 shot of them.

I tend to light and choose my angles so that the shadows fall towards the camera.

I have a tools available for me in this shoot that have programmed fire-flicker modes.  SkyPanel S120-C (the big long one), KinoFlo LED RGB Select FreeStyle (can pop out of the harness/barndoors and mount to a ceiling), a few LiteMats.  All of these lights have a flicker mode available.  I also have some tungsten fresnels available, although I will have nothing to plug them into in order to make them flicker.

I was originally thinking of having a KInoFlo LED RGB in flicker mode hanging from a PoleCat.  I would use this to motivate the light from the lantern (the lantern would be on the ground).  My first instinct is to match the light directionality of lantern with the Kino, but I was also considering bouncing the Kino into the wall and having a large soft glowing ambient source come from the wall to the left of the lantern (which might look nice on the profile 2 shot of both characters if they're in silhouette and the back wall is illuminated)

I enjoy the dramatic lighting of the Apocalypse Now reference and I know the setup I mentioned above wouldn't create that sort of aesthetic.  What do you think Storaro used to create his image?  I doubt the size of my shooting space would allow for exactly what he had going on.  

I would hate to illuminate too much of this stone room and lose the intimacy/mysteriousness aesthetic that the light from the lantern would be creating.

I was also giving some thought to wetting the concrete wall behind the actors in order to create a more reflective surface (might look interesting).  In the film, it is raining outside of the barn where the silo is located, so it could be motivated as if there was leakage somewhere in the silo.  Do you think this helps the lighting situation at all?

I would be using a 32mm (40mm with a permanent wide angle adapter) Kowa Anamorphic T/2.3 lens for the majority of this scene, so take this into consideration when it comes to the potential hiding of fixtures.  The room is about 10ft x 10ft.  Ceilings are about 8ft.  Is there a way for me to avoid multiple shadows since the kino and lantern would be striking the subject from different angles?

I apologize for the novel worth of information.  Any insight, suggestions, or questions that will get my mind moving will be appreciated 🙂

Thank you!
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Mike 5 months ago

This was discussed only a few weeks back.

Maybe worth your while if you dug into the archives where it was discussed in depth by Roger and number of members. 

If you can’t find any answers to your problems then obviously come back to the forum.

David W
5 months ago

How would one go about finding the archives?

5 months ago

Go to members section then go to lighting section. I must admit it is a bit of a hit and miss ordeal, sometimes you find it by accident, sometimes you find nothing!
It can be very frustrating at times. Computing is not my game.

David W
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