Jesse James Fire Lighting (2 replies and 2 comments)

Dawson Boyle
2 weeks ago
Dawson Boyle 2 weeks ago

Hello Roger, I have been wanting to create a similar fire effect like seen in the images below from "Assassination of Jesse James..."  I know I read you used a tweenie with 1/2 CTO bounced off of a stippled gold reflector, as well as used a flicker generator.  But my question is what Stock did you use, and do you use ND for night scenes like this considering how bright those lights are even at ISO 200 at the least.
J. Roxbrough
2 weeks ago
J. Roxbrough 2 weeks ago

I can definitely say no ND was used because a bounced 650w w/ 1/2 CTO (≈70% transmission) is really not much light!

Dawson Boyle
2 weeks ago

Thanks J., I figured so, so you are saying 1/2 CTO will cut about 30 percent of light

Roger Deakins
1 week ago
Roger Deakins 1 week ago

The lamps were always dimmed down to create the right color and so they were not very bright. I was shooting at a 2.0 on 500 ASA stock.

Dawson Boyle
7 days ago

Thank you for the reply, also on a film like Jesse James and No Country do you shoot strait 24 180 or 23.976 180, can you even shoot 23.976 on Arri film cameras?

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