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5 months ago
Nicolas.P 5 months ago

Hello Roger and everyone ;

A few years ago I found a YouTube video introducing CoeLux, an artificial skylight. It had just came out, and it seemed quite magic, and there was not a lot of informations about it.

I just came across the same video and I did some research to know how it was done, thinking there would be more informations about it, but : "CoeLux also creates an illusion of depth to make the light source appear far away, rather than just a metre or so above you – but the makers are tight-lipped about exactly how that’s done.

‘It’s not a lamp. It’s not a luminaire. It’s something else’, says CoeLux’s inventor, Italian scientist Dr Paolo Di Trapani."


It drives me crazy to not understand how they can project light (with the same shape as the window as if there was a fresnel pointing at it 10 meters away) with a fake window that's only a few centimeters long.


Any ideas ?
5 months ago
shenzo 5 months ago

It's only $60K! 

Here's a little bit more info:


Designed for installation in ceilings, the CoeLux 45 HC LED artificial skylight reproduces the effects of natural light in a room. Advanced optical systems produce an LED 'sun' that rests in a convincing blue 'sky,' both appearing at an infinite depth. Nano filters within the fixture recreate the atmosphere's Rayleigh scattering process, creating the remarkable effect of an endless blue sky. A swath of artificial sunlight shines into the room from the ceiling at a 45-degree angle, casting sharp, blue-toned shadow that reproduce the effects of daylight in the Mediterranean basin. 

So it is a one point LED source with optical system able to deliver 900 lumens at 3 meters. Hence the sharp shadows I guess. That's a bit more lumens than a 650W fresnel in flood. And you don't have the heat problem because it is LED. Nice to solve billionaires problems!
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