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How's my Light? First Video. (1 reply and 1 comment)

Jacob W.
2 months ago
Jacob W. 2 months ago

This is my first video I've ever shot. It's my friends band's first music video. (I posted this before, but I think it was overlooked) 

We had a budget of zero and we were able to find some Cannon cameras with an 85mm lens and like a 35mm lens to use. I had one guy help me pull a dolly and that was the whole crew...

I would love some feedback on this. (Asking you judge me from an experienced cinematographers level) I want to be the best and any tips of things that stuck out could have been done better would be greatly appreciated. »

2 months ago
Mike 2 months ago

Considering you had no budget or very little budget, I think this is a very professional production. Camera work was rather good imo but would have liked to have seen more close ups of the lead singer and perhaps the musicians buts that’s only my opinion. Coming in closer would make it more intimate for the viewer rather than keeping your distance, I know you were trying to get as many as you can in the frame but for variety sake a few C/U’s on cue would be nice. The lead singer certainly likes the camera and is a good looking boy, his miming was spot on so you could have come in closer and show off his best bits. The garden scene seemed to break the continuity somewhat and I was distracted for a while but at the same time it did introduce the members of the band. I see you spent some money on smoke and you used the scene to good effect. Sound track was well performed and although not my kind of music, it was very commercial and performed by a experienced singer who was a master at miming. Surprisingly, not many people can mime that well.

I thought the video was very professional and was convinced it was shot by a seasoned DP. Well done Thankyou for sharing.

Would be nice if other members could make a comment please.


Jacob W.
2 months ago

Thank you so much Mike. I appreciate it. I understand on the Close Ups. I know now the importance of camera lenses - I think I wasn't very confident with coming in close and getting in there with the two lenses we had, so I tended to shy away. But I will work on that moving forward.

I realize the lighting is pretty different from the INT warehouse to the EXT Garden scene, but the golden hour I really liked so I decided to use it. Even though the coloring was different I was okay with it.

Agreed on the musical choice not my flavor, but I tried to match the camera movement (or lack thereof) with how the song moved, obviously there are more cuts and more movements towards the end as the song builds and the energy changes. The beginning is slower and I tried to be slightly more static.

I really appreciate the notes.

Music Videos or "Pop Promos" as our fearless leader Mr. Deakins likes to refer to them are difficult I learned because you are at the mercy of other artists in their own interpretation of the video. My vision aka this video is not what they ended up releasing. They sent all the footage to an editor and have their own cut - most none of which I expressed and reiterated was my vision and fought for - so lessons learned all around. BUT I digress and again thank you for watching.

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