How to black a ceiling on location (2 replies)

Andreas Schwarz
4 weeks ago
Andreas Schwarz 4 weeks ago

Hello Roger and members,

do you have an advice how to black a ceiling on location, when painting is not an option? The room is 25qm and height is about 3,5 meters. I thought about using boom poles verticaly on two sides of the ceiling and tighten a large piece of light black cloth between them, but I have some doubts about that it will work....Thanks for help!


Andreas Schwarz

4 weeks ago
Mike 4 weeks ago

You can try using a staple gun but use only lightly so you can remove the staples and leave no trace. Ceiling props are designed for the job but can be expensive otherwise use bamboo canes cut slightly longer than the height of the ceiling, these are very cheap to buy and will last a lifetime. There are many alternatives so it pays to look around. Photos attached.
Julien Brumauld
4 days ago
Julien Brumauld 4 days ago


Full Silent Black Grid Cloth + a wall straper 🙂

It stay for days... even a 12x12.


Put some tape on the wall, so staples won't hit to much the wall.


You can use "kite fabric" witch is quiet the same a the cinema "Silent grid cloth", but it's cheaper.



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