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How do you control the ambient in a daytime Interior? (1 reply)

4 weeks ago
leandroimaz 4 weeks ago

Hello Roger

I would like to ask you how do you control the ambient light in a daytime Interior  

I know you said you normally you  light to  the desire stop you wanna shoot and I  understand that when you use the ultrabounce outside It also helps to kill the ambient light inside the room.

But what about if for example the ambient light from the room is around 5.6 with no artificial lights and you decide to use some HMI projected through some diffusion (no bounce) ? 

In this case you will light to a higher stop to beat the ambient light and use Internal ND filters to shoot at your desire stop?

or do you normally use any other tool to lower the the ambient light and be able to set the levels of your key light at the stop you want? 

Thank you so much. 


Roger Deakins
4 weeks ago
Roger Deakins 4 weeks ago

You can ND the windows or use black nets as long as the texture is out of focus.

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