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Hi Roger, how does one produce good results under time constraint in a live environment? (1 reply)

Acedia Pictures
3 months ago
Acedia Pictures 3 months ago

Hello Roger, I am in the process of shooting a video for a local high school, and the expressed that they want a high quality cinematic look, but we have to shoot during school operating times thus have lots of variables to look out for.

For example, how would one light a typical classroom scene without bringing in many lights and huge neg fills, which we don’t have time nor the budget for? I am currently focusing on scouting a room with good natural light, but wonder if there are any tips to make the process more efficient.

any general tips are very welcomed. Thank you!

Roger Deakins
3 months ago
Roger Deakins 3 months ago

You have to work with the situation you have been given and that is not something that never arises on large productions either. Classrooms are usually quite well lit so you find the best angle using the light you have. Perhaps you can order your shots to better use your daylight. A simple bed sheet can be used on a window to cut down your daylight or as a bounce to soften your shot.

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