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Help with exterior chase scene (1 reply)

2 months ago
Carolina 2 months ago

Hi Roger and community! I'm in the process of shooting a short film and one of the key scenes is a chase that takes place outdoors. The other day we did a test on a cloudy day and it was going well but halfway through the shooting, the sun came out, which is very common in this city. My question is if you have any advice to avoid losing control of contrast.

Thank you for any advice or tricks under your sleeve

simon m
2 months ago
simon m 2 months ago

Not Roger, but there are luma adjustments you can make during color correction to reduce contrast to better match different takes. There are limitations to this process though.

On close-ups you could use a diffuser above the actor(like brushed silk) which gives a lower contrast image. This won't work well if you use a deep focus as the contrast of the background and foreground(actor) will look different.

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