[HELP] Exposing Red Scarlet (Green Tint) (1 reply and 2 comments)

1 week ago
sanjaya137 1 week ago

Hello master Deaskin and everyone in this forum,

Recently i exposed an image of red scarlet but apparently the color temperature of the image is turned to green even though  the white balance of the camera is 5600K and the light is 5600k HMI. 

i need to use minus green to make the image looks white on camera but we clearly can see it with naked eye the light is shifted to magenta.

This is the first time I expose an Red camera so please help if you guys have any syggestion for my problem thanks

David M
7 days ago
David M 7 days ago

Assuming you shot in RAW, have you tried adjusting just the color temperature in post?  What color grading software are you using?

6 days ago

Hello, fixing in post is my last option because the shoot is still going on. So i really want to fix it before the image goes to post.

David M
5 days ago

If the camera you’re using has the skin tone OPLF it will swing towards green a bit in general. Have you tried white balancing with a chart and doing a black shade calibration? Fixing this in post is pretty easy though.

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