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Hail Caesar - Lighting the Doyle and Carlotta and the Cinema Audience (1 reply)

Shyam Ediriweera
2 months ago
Shyam Ediriweera 2 months ago

Hi Roger, 

Regarding this scene in Hail Caesar, where Doyle and Carlotta Valdez are watching the premiere Doyle's latest Western, can I please trouble you to describe how you lit the cinema audience (frame grab attached)?

Did you simulate the effect of the bounced light from the cinema screen on the audience, literally by bouncing a light, or lights, into something like a large ultra bounce or muslin? Or did you push lights through some diffusion material?

It looks like Doyle and Carlotta are just slightly brighter than the rest of the audience - did you achieve this by having an additional light concentrated only on these two cast members?

Also, how did you simulate the alternating brightness of the cinema screen - was this done by some form of dimming, or perhaps by cutters waved in front of the lights?   

Thank you very much and kind regards

Roger Deakins
2 months ago
Roger Deakins 2 months ago

You have it. That was a simple bounce light with flags cutting the intensity on the audience surrounding the main characters. I believe I was using flags in front of the lamps to vary the brightness as this was such a simple set up and having to program a dimmer board seemed a little unnecessary.

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