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green production (1 reply)

1 month ago
Joel_Kinast 1 month ago

Dear community,

I hope I am not repeating a topic here, if so sorry in advance.

Until one or two years or so, green production is the key word in german film productions. Going with the zeitgeist, every production claims to shoot films sustainable because they are not using plastic cups anymore or pick up the actors with electric cars. Good intention but still pretty ridiculous if you ask me. I notice a lot of effort, but of course filmmaking is still highly power consuming.

I would like to hear from your experiences. Do you make similar experiences in your country? Maybe you are lightyears in advance or behind and one could really learn useful tools here! 

I think technological progress makes the biggest difference, thats why I posted this topic in the lighting section. A rental in Germany built a hybrid generator for example, having photovoltaik panels on the roof and giant batteries (99%recyclable) in the housing with a capacity of 24kWh. This may not be the big deal, but on a exterior day with negativ fill only, this is enough for batterie charging issues and for the trucks. It also has a gas engine to get up to 100kVA with no fine dust and a minimum of CO2 and oxides of nitrogen. Super silent by the way.

I was really surprised by that generator so once again, let's share some ideas 🙂


Best, Joel

The Byre
1 month ago
The Byre 1 month ago

(For the record, as I see that you are in Berlin, my first language was German, but I am working in the UK.) 

We could start with Germany outlawing the mining and burning of brown-coal.  London outlawed the burning of smoking fuels already in the 50s, as did many cities around the world.  That means getting rid of all those Berliner 'Kachelöfen' and stopping the absurd strip-mining done in the Ruhr Valley that takes up a staggering 2300 km² and is probably the one industry in Europe that creates the most environmental damage!  

At any level or metric, the film industry is remarkably energy efficient.  The individual shoot may be energy-intensive (e.g. the burning village scene in 1917 seems to be using something like a megawatt of power) but if we relate the c.a. $100m budget to the power consumption and other types of environmental impact, it is one of the most energy-efficient industries out there!  

One must compare a movie with a $100m project in other industries such as fast food, taxi services or bottle-washing processes - or well, just about anything really, especially manufacturing!  When looked at in that light and the amount that a production can save in pollution or energy, one is forced to ask "Why?"

As an economist (by training) and as a founder-member of the German Green Party and the previous alternative movement (we called it "Bewegung für die Förderung alternativer Lebensweisen" - just one of those short, zippy titles one loves in German!)  I never cease to be amazed at how the Green Movement cannot calculate.  Wind power that is only 17% efficient in Germany - not enough wind!  Electric cars that are below 20% thermal efficiency, when Diesel is over double that - and can be made clean.  I could go on - and on and on!

To be cynical, changing the tungsten fresnel and PAR lights for inferior LEDs will do little or nothing for our environment and will only serve to distract from the bigger problems.



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