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12 months ago
GregorCunningham 12 months ago

Hi Roger,

I was wondering what your working relationship with your gaffer is like. Do you have a regular gaffer or does it vary from project to project? How much freedom do you give them? Do you say I want a soft light here/hard shadows there, or do you know down to the units what it is you want?




Roger Deakins
12 months ago
Roger Deakins 12 months ago

I am quite specific about the lamps I want to use, how they are to play and the effect I am after. For ever large set I will make a diagram well in advance of the shoot. I have worked with the same two Gaffers in the US for most of my career but I am working with someone new on a film right now.

12 months ago

Thanks for the reply. I think the way you make time for us young filmmakers/industry professionals is very admirable. Best of luck on the shoot!

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