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David W
5 months ago
David W 5 months ago

Hi Rodger and forum members, the more i study light and light meters the more i see the term footcandles.

How important is it to understand this? What exactly is footcandles? When lighting how often are you actually thinking about footcandles?

Thank you.

5 months ago
dmullenasc 5 months ago

The classic definition is that a foot-candle is the amount of light from a single candle one foot away.

The main advantage in lighting with foot-candles is just that you don't need to know ASA, exposure time, etc. information.  Also, the key-to-fill ratios are easier to calculate.  But I've never used them really other than when evaluating photometric data from lighting units.

David W
5 months ago

Thanks David.

4 weeks ago
ermasampson 4 weeks ago

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