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Tweenies can be connected to variable Resistors (dimmers) and is safe to do so but the operational parameters are limited and so you have work out if it’s worth it, you can achieve the same effect using a smaller lamp (Inbetweenies). Using a dimmer also reduces the colour temperature of the lamp so it is limited in its use.
120 volts equals 3,200K, 110 volts equals 3,100K, 100 volts equals 3,000K
90 volts equals 2,900K. Percentage of light output roughly translates as 100%, 75%, 55% and 38%. Changing the current to the lamp will reduce the life of the lamp drastically so you have to work out the expenditure of light bulbs against buying another lamp type. If you are on a tight budget, then this could be a false economy. Bulbs are expensive. You could change your bulb to LED ”Relamp” which could be more cost efficient.

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