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Assuming that it is an ordinary tungsten filament bulb at the back and not LED, CFL or something that has to have a choke or a transformer or any other circuitry before electricity reaches the light, an ordinary diode-driven dimmer pack will do the job.  There are loads of old-fashioned 10-volt dimmer packs and desks out there going cheap, as all stage and display systems are going over to LED and DMX controls (which are very similar to MIDI).

The 10V refers to the control signal sent by the controller to the dimmer pack.  This technology is NOT compatible with modern digital DMX controllers and LEDs.

A Fresnel light refers to the lense, it is what goes on behind it that counts when it comes to dimming.  If it is an ordinary incandescent lamp or bulb, it will get redder as it dims.  If you are in any doubt, talk to someone who understands this subject and can inspect and advise you on what you need to get.  

There are loads of cheap dimmers and some of the very simple small ones are all-in-one, i.e. they are the fader and the dimmer pack in one box.  Usually, these are just three- or four-channel little boxes and usually can go up to 1kW (check!)  

Look for brands like Pulsar, Anytronics, Zero88 and make sure that any and all lights and dimmer packs and dimmer controllers are clean, safe and compatible.  

Once again - if in doubt, talk to an old-fashioned stage electrician who understands this technology.  He will probably be wearing bifocals and is called Angus MacCrusty!


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