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Vincent Vega
5 months ago
Vincent Vega 5 months ago

Does anyone know (have theory) how they achieved the distorted looks in this scene from "X-Men, Days of Future Past"?

It's sort of resembles some of the distorted looks in "The Assassination of Jesse James..." film (I read they used distorted/curved glass in front of lens for some of the distortion fx in that film).

This is a really interesting visual effect (the right side of his face (and hair) appear stretched.  Not to mention the background ... I reviewed the July 2014 ASC article -- which showed a photo of this scene (it didn't have a green screen as background). 

The 2nd pic is a similarly distorted shot -- for this shot, the entire background (including Patrick Stewart) might be a post effect [i.e., and inserted into the shot of James McAvoy's back] - 

OR: possibly distorted glass in front of lens   

OR: some other kind of camera technique(s).

Any ideas?

Roger Deakins
5 months ago
Roger Deakins 5 months ago

Probably a lensbaby. The effect is stronger than anything we did for 'The Assassination of Jesse James..." Of course, the effect could also have been enhanced digitally.

Vincent Vega
5 months ago

Thanks, Roger!
Just reviewed their website -- awesome lenses.

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