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I try to keep my use of lamps to a minimum when I am shooting exteriors. However, sometimes it is necessary to use a lamp whether for matching purposes, to mimic sunlight on a shot when there is no sun, or to soften the contrast on a shot. More often I will use a large reflector and 'focus' it using natural light. I say 'focus' as the amount of light a reflector actually reflects is dependent to the angle that it is placed at relative to the sun. These reflectors could be frames of 20' x 20' holding either Ultrabounce or a muslin of some sort or they could be a simple bed-sheet, or series of bed-sheets, laid on the ground. Sometimes I will dye a bed-sheet a light blue, to accentuate the light that comes from a blue sky, or a warm orange, to match the light that is bouncing off a desert floor.

I usually use soft reflectors but I have also used Silver Stipple reflectors when it has been necessary to 'punch' light from a greater distance. These are occasions when I might well have used a lamp but to save time I have turned to a harder surfaced reflector.

Of the images you post I seem to remember only using a small reflector, probably an 8' x 8' unbleached muslin, on the shot of Josh Brolin and nothing on the other two set ups. 

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