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3 weeks ago
sydneylawson 3 weeks ago

I'm a baby cinematographer making a zero/no budget short film with friends to get better at the craft. (This website is amazing by the way, I've been learning so much.)

For my final scene, I want to put a light outside the window to act as the 'setting sun', essentially recreating golden hour. The scene is in a cabin and the power is out (horror film). I would like this 'setting sun' to act as the only light source, with maybe a bounce to slightly fill the actor's faces on the opposite side. I'm also going to add some fog for atmosphere (borrowing a friend's machine). I'll be shooting on a Sony a7s with a 50mm rokinon lens.

Not knowing much about lights yet, can anyone offer some affordable ideas for my 'setting sun' light source? Is there a minimum wattage I need to have for this to even be possible?  At the Ohio rental gear studio, there's an Arri Sun 1200 watt HMI for $175 that I'm considering.

I've been doing research but I figured someone here might be able to give better insight. Thank you!

Roger Deakins
3 weeks ago
Roger Deakins 3 weeks ago

You might want to use a mirror to sharpen the light and you may need something stronger than a 1200 watt lamp. Hard to say without knowing more.

2 weeks ago
jj_falsetta 2 weeks ago

Hi Syd. You may try with a 2K fresnel or more, and save money on renting an HMI. Here we managed to fake a sunset, even though the director later chose to cool down the "sunlight" a bit. Fresnels are cheap and can render a pleasant realistic light that you can further warm up, or cool down, depending on your needs. Beware not to keep it too close to windows or they may crack.
5 days ago
FrederickPina 5 days ago

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