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Congratulation M. David Mullen (9 replies and 1 comment)

1 month ago
Canuck 1 month ago

A round of applause for M. David Mullen, who contributes here, for his Emmy win in the  Outstanding Cinematography for a Single-Camera Series (One Hour) category.

1 month ago
dmullenasc 1 month ago

Thank you!

1 month ago
Hans 1 month ago


1 month ago
kishore_rayudu 1 month ago

Congratulations sir

1 month ago
Mglover92 1 month ago

Congrats! and thanks for all the knowledge you provide here!

1 month ago
Mike 1 month ago

Congratulations David on your Emmy award.

Thats quite a large trophy, hope you have plenty of shelf space.

                              Well done Sir.
The Byre
1 month ago

Every time I see an Emmy, I have to smile about Peter Falk complaining that his wife used his four Emmys as wig stands!

David was up against some extremely good competition and in the white-heat of the one-hour series category, so it's a very special thing to have won!

1 month ago
Vashistha 1 month ago

Hearty Congratulations Sir !

Roger Deakins
1 month ago
Roger Deakins 1 month ago

Yes! Well done David! Well deserved.

1 month ago
Vanniyan 1 month ago

Hearty congratulations david

simon m
1 month ago
simon m 1 month ago

Congratulations David! And thanks for your contributions to this site.

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