BR2049: Lighting rig during the New Replicant Birth Scene (1 reply and 1 comment)

9 months ago
RyanMackfall 9 months ago

Hi Roger,

Was looking at the scene this morning where the 'new model' replicant comes down from the ceiling through the plastic membrane and is cast onto the square mat in the middle of the room. I was wondering what lighting setup was suspended in the gap in the roof? A friend and myself were wondering more specifically what lighting setup was enabling that soft shadow cast off the back of Love as she stands behind Wallace (watching him inspect the model).

It's at 3 minutes 31 in this video:»



Roger Deakins
9 months ago
Roger Deakins 9 months ago

That was quite a simple rig really. I had worked through the design of that space with Denis and Dennis so the opening was the size I wanted for the space involved. Basically there were 4 2K Blondes suspended on a truss above the opening and two layers of diffusion between them and the ceiling. The wires of the 'birthing' rig just went through the diffusion.

9 months ago

Amazing! Thanks for the explanation.

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