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Book Recommendation (3 replies and 5 comments)

6 days ago
leonardokotz 6 days ago

Hello Roger Deakins,

I would like to know if you have some book's recommendations about cinematography or more specifically about lighting. I'm from Brazil so it's quite hard to find this kind of book out here. I've loved your last masterpiece ''1917'', congrats!

Thanks, Leonardo

Aman Samra
2 days ago
Aman Samra 2 days ago

'Painting With Light' by John Alton 

"Cinematography: Theory and Practice: Image Making for Cinematographers and Directors" by Blaine Brown - this one's an encyclopedia of information very useful, something I always go back to 

And photo books, look into as many photo books as you can 

Kathy Printy
14 hours ago
Kathy Printy 14 hours ago

My suggested books are “Painting with light” by John Elton and “The Visual Story” by Bruce Block that are the most stunning one on cinematography. Getting online assignment help melbourne» is important for students to write some best essays about painting. One can also explore “On directing film” to get more fascinating ideas.

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Viola Lawrence
13 hours ago
Viola Lawrence 13 hours ago

Not roger,

 "Matters of Light & Depth" by Ross Lowell, it is a great study of light with useful simple exercises, i think it's out of print but you can find it used.

12 hours ago

It’s on Amazon at £38.00 New and also second hand £11.00 per copy.

Viola Lawrence
10 hours ago

Thanks for checking, i got it used few years ago

10 hours ago
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