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Blue orange Amsterdam lighting (1 reply)

2 months ago
l3urzz 2 months ago

Dear Roger,

I was wondering how you lit this scene in particular. What lights did you put up or what white balance were you shooting on? Did you actually shoot this in ''blue hour'' or did you grade towards that? Can't figure it out! 

Best regards from the Netherlands.
Roger Deakins
2 months ago
Roger Deakins 2 months ago

We filmed for two days in this apartment, which was adapted to look like a hotel room, and in that time we were able to shoot during dusk. The space was chosen for the view. We put in all the lights on the bridges as the bulbs that existed were very low wattage and dirty. Not that we needed to put in anything more than 40 watt globes as we were shooting in low light. Of course, rigging our own bulbs gave us the ability to control them on cue. The camera was probably set at 4000K and there was not really any grading to do.

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