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Bladerunner 2049 - Anna's Lab Exterior - variation in CTB Gel strengths on spacelights (1 reply)

Shyam Ediriweera
3 months ago
Shyam Ediriweera 3 months ago

Hi Roger,

I was studying the Blade Runner 2049 Looking at Lighting page for the exterior scenes outside Anna's Lab, and it notes that you lit this using  Spacelights, as the scene called for falling snow and so for a very soft source.

You mention the outside rows of lamps carried a ½ CTB gel whilst those towards the center of the stage a ¼ CTB. 

I'd be very grateful if you could provide some further information about why outside rows carry a stronger CTB gel than those in the centre?

Does this have something to do with the color temperature of the lights closer to the the grey backing of the stage being cooler to better integrate the sky and background?

And would the difference in gel strengths have a perceptible impact on skin tone as K walks from the outer to inner areas of the stage?

Thanks very much and kind regards


Roger Deakins
3 months ago
Roger Deakins 3 months ago

The actors were always under the area that was gelled with 1/4 CTB but, Spacelights being so soft, the cooler outer lamps would have blended with the inner lamps. I used a half CTB on the lamps against the backing so that it was that bit more blue and the overall scene a little colder.

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