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3 weeks ago
Lingam 3 weeks ago

Hi deakins,

                      I think thi is the right time to ask you about this rachael close up from blade runner first version. My guess is strong kicker hitting from her back lower and also i can tell soft fill little above her from frontal left. My question is there only two lights were used what I mentioned. Did any additional lights involved in this shot. If want create this similar lighting what's your idea. Any one can tell me what lights had cronenweth use for this shot.
David M
6 days ago
David M 6 days ago

This exact shot is talked about on the Blade Runner special features. The gaffer says it’s a single light, with the kick angled just off camera so there’s some wrap around filling in the face. 

Roger Deakins
6 days ago
Roger Deakins 6 days ago

I would imagine there was just a single light and a bounce card catching some soft fill for the face on that side.

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