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5 months ago
Hussain 5 months ago

Hi there.

I'm creating a look a scene from Blade Runner. The eye light on Rachel eyes. I can't seem to understand quite well when I researched. how did they do it. Can someone please break it down more in detail and show some visuals and what light I can use.

thank you.
5 months ago
dmullenasc 5 months ago

It's similar to a cat's eye or red eye effect when you use a flash right next to a camera lens.  They put a piece of glass angled at 45 degrees in front of the camera lens and then put a light (I think a 650w tweenie maybe with some diffusion on the barn doors) at a 90 degree angle to the camera lens and bounced this off of the glass so that the light travelled out to the actor directly in line with the camera lens and then was reflected in the back of the eyeball back to the camera.

The effect happened by accident on "2001" when filming the leopard on the set with a front-projected sky behind it, since the projected image is bounced off of semi-mirrored glass in front of the camera lens.
5 months ago
DEAN DODOS 5 months ago

Hi David,

That's quite genius..

Can you remember the type of semi-mirrored glass which is used for this effect?

Thank you,


5 months ago

Not to speak for David, but I believe you can use a beamsplitter (such as those used in a 3D rig) if you want to be professional, but normal glass (such as that used in a teleprompter setup) should be sufficient. Just make sure the light isn't pinging the lens.

5 months ago

Great thank you Krishan
I guess the beam splitter sounds like the way to go as the optics may be better than a teleprompter, seeing it will be sitting in between lens and subject, bit worried about both chromatic and optic distortion.

5 months ago
fatman 5 months ago

AFAIK they used a giant orange/red china ball that her eyes reflected and was some distance away so as to not light the set much or at all.


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