Balancing Sun vs Shade Exposure On Film (1 reply)

1 week ago
ajd600 1 week ago

On film - In situations where you have a frame that has an even balance of both sunlit areas and areas of shade, where your actors are moving in and out of both what do you set your exposure for? Can you expose for the sunlight and have enough detail in the shade or is it better to split?

Thank you.

1 week ago
dmullenasc 1 week ago

Film negative likes exposure and has a lot of overexposure latitude so if you had a mix of sun and shade, you'd tend to split the difference, not just expose for the sun areas.  Unless there is a long stretch in just sun and then in just shade, in which case you might do a stop pull when you hit the transition.  However, even then, I'd tend to open up a little (like a stop) in the sun section rather than expose for the highlights.  It also depends on the look you are going for.  And the angle of the sun is an issue, you have more ability to expose for the shade if the sun is more backlit.

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