augment fire lights on Skypanel (2 replies)

1 month ago
Vanniyan 1 month ago

Dear master roger i have been reading how did you and people's recreated augmented fire lights in this forum. Most of the answers peanut bulbs, halogen bulbs, ordinary house hold bulbs with flicker generator circuits connected. May i do without flicker generator. Because nobody doesn't know what is flicker generator. I asked some people's about how to do augmented fire light effect. Flicker generator not available in south india.  They are referring skypanel light. They believe skypanel have flicker options. I don't think it is having one. We are going to shoot a small hut firing on mid nights. We can't afford higher equipment and do augment hut firing lights. Could you suggest any idea without spending more money. How much small lights needed for hut firing. How to calculate number of lights. Because it's firing. We can't just fire the hut and calculate light level. Is there any great advice it would be great ful.

Roger Deakins
4 weeks ago
Roger Deakins 4 weeks ago

You could always use a bounced light, such as a 2K Blonde, and work a flag in front of the light to simulate a flicker effect. Bounce the light off some kind of gold reflector to give it some warmth. You could also put a half CTO gel on the lamp. I did this kind of thing a number of times when I was working with minimal equipment.

4 weeks ago
Vanniyan 4 weeks ago

Can i use third one small size flag. Is it depend up on the size of the source?.Continues rotation would give correct simulate flicker?
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