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Aluminum/Aluminium (1 reply)

1 month ago
SpoonerismHater 1 month ago

I know you sometimes use aluminum/aluminium to install lights on; what kind of alumin(i)um do you use (size, sheets vs. something else, etc.)? Where do you buy it?

1 month ago
Mike 1 month ago

It’s comes in various thickness’s and sizes. You can buy it in sheets or in bars and even in square blocks ready for rolling. It is not cheap but you can buy it in sheets from metal scrap yards quite cheaply. 
Plywood is a better option as it is easy to cut and is more rigid and robust. Carbon fibre is a better option but you have to make a master mould to produce a ring shape but once the mould is made you can then produce a production run perhaps to supply others.

Making a folding set of lights would be a better option.

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