Again !!! ...without a speech notes😃 (2 replies)

10 months ago
Bala 10 months ago

Congratulations sir

Sir! you haven't taken a prepared speech notes paper with you after your first nomination.But this time you failed should have taken a notes with you😃.

Sir inspire us not only with your visual storytelling ways but also you being humble and  a great human being.

A lot to learn from you sir.

Again congratulations and thank you what ever you shared and going to share with us.we all feel lucky ,happy and proud to be part of this forum.thank you sir.


Roger Deakins
9 months ago
Roger Deakins 9 months ago

Thanks! I was only going to say two words and they were, 'thank you', but the thought of that Jet Ski changed everything.

9 months ago
jthomsg 9 months ago

That was a very funny show Jimmy Kimmel did, I honestly haven't seen an Academy Awards show that was that much fun. Usually the awards are too serious, but it becomes fun when there is this kind of humor involved. 

I was beyond elated when you won Roger, it was great of you to dedicate the award to your crew. Plus, did you hear someone stole Frances McDormand's Oscar? 

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