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7 months ago
MattBendo 7 months ago

Hey everyone,

I did the cinematography for a pretty funky music video back in January of this year.  This was the first time I attempted to do something of this sort.  I'd love to chat more about it if any one has some critiques or questions!

I had a very talented board operator named Mark Klassen and he was a big reason I was able to technically pull this off.  This was a passion project of mine, so I served as the Director and Editor as well as the Cinematographer.  This was done on a pretty shoe-string budget (a lot of favours from some lovely people).»

David W
7 months ago
David W 7 months ago

Great work! I like the pacing and movement of the camera. Were any filters used to enhance that 'glow' of light from the windows? And was most of the effects done in camera or in post?

7 months ago

The only filter I tend to use is a 4x5.6 clear filter. I just used it to protect the front element of the lens since I tend to experiment with different glass objects in front of the lens during those rapid adrenaline type cuts.

I work very closely with a colourist named Clinton Homuth based out of Toronto, Ontario Canada. I shoot knowing what he's able to do to the image in post. The glow and chromatic aberations/blurs around the edge of the image is done in post.

The animating of the lights, matrix-esque leaning scene, and hanging radio were all practical effects. The strings that allowed the radio to hang were painted out in post and the snake disappearing off of his arm (before the lean) was done in post as well.

7 months ago
jthomsg 7 months ago

I’m not a fan of music videos, but in this video I don’t see any kind of story being told. It’s just a light show and all other manner of special effects. The most effective music videos tell stories, not that I care for them very much, but I remember liking an old Metallica video when I was younger, and loved the little story that was made for the song remake.

i don’t mean to be cute, but I think you might want to add a seizure warning at the beginning of the video. It’s standard practice, even video games add it to protect themselves from potential lawsuits.»

5 months ago
Miles 5 months ago

Great work. Is it possible to share the camera and lens set up and also how much time you spend on grading the video and what would be the cost of it?

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