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Hi Roger,

This seems like almost a taboo question, but as a business-minded cinematographer who has my own production company shooting commercials, I'm wondering why we never see the best feature cinematographers also running feature film production companies.  In the commercials world I'm often the lead producer on projects with my clients, and I hire writer/directors I like to come on and work with me.  In features it seems different though.  Many established actors, writers, and directors form their own production companies, what stops other established craftspeople in the industry from doing this?  What economic and political forces might be at play here?  I've seen only one example of this, and that's Lance Accord being both Cinematographer and Producer (through his production company Park Pictures) on the film "God's Pocket".  I love your artistic and personal sensibilities and would personally love to see you have your own production company.  What are your thoughts on why we don't see more established cinematographers and other craftspeople with their own feature film production companies?


Trent Watts

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