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UK eases lockdown but asked to keep social distancing. Cinema’s re-open. (No replies)

4 weeks ago
Mike 4 weeks ago

From today, Cinemas, film studios, restaurants, Hotels and pubs have been given the all clear to re-open providing social distancing is maintained.  This is great news for everyone employed in the hospitality industries and for people to start meeting each other again. People are encouraged to wear face masks but now not a legal requirement. 

International travel is now being allowed only to countries that have agreed to the traffic light system and show proof that they have had  a Covid vaccination together with a secondary booster Jab. They will also have to agree to be further tested on arrival of the their destination. They will not be required to isolate in a hotel on their return. The first country to open their doors is Portugal followed by Gibraltar and possibly Spain who are still assessing the situation.

The Indian strain of Covid is still taking hold in the Leicester and Bolton areas of the UK so the government is closely monitoring this latest outbreak, if it cannot be controlled then there will be another lockdown in that area.

Aircraft here have been put on standby ready for the word GO! Understand US may also be resuming normal scheduled Atlantic flights once they get the go ahead.  I just hope that this is the beginning of the end of Covid although “experts” are convinced it will be around for some years to come.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, atlast.



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