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Hey Roger, 

 To kick off my very first post on the forums I wanted to get a better sense of how you made it to the big screen and working on high budget productions. Was it as simple as getting a referral from someone that was impressed with your work, and ended up getting lucky in that regard?  Or did it take many years of just grinding as PA or grip and and your way up to a director of photography?  I'm very curious as to the many different ways a different director's of photography may have been successful in the industry. Was it a being lucky to get the right connection, or has it always just started with decades of grinding. I'd really love to get your advice and even just a reality check on what it really takes to make it as a director of photagraphy in Hollywood.  Is it smarter just the spend next 10 years working on my craft or the next 10 years just grinding and working my way up the ladder on sets. A dream of mine is to one day get to a level where I could be considered to become an ASC.

A huge thank you for creating these forms and giving us Other aspiring filmmakers the chance to communicate with who has really made it out there.

 I look forward to seeing what kind of knowledge and insight you maybe able to provide.


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