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This stood out -

"I want to be a filmmaker because I want to make stuff that makes people feel complex, intense emotions, bring visibility to things I consider important and full of value, make people question things about their lives, about society, etc, etc, just like the filmmakers I admire do, also may I ask, what are you doing about this? what are you doing to change what you so openly criticize, other than writing walls of bitterness in forums online?"

As did this -

"The problem today is that scriptwriters have no experience of hardship so how can they write about it! May I suggest that you log all your grievances about the movie industry or personal life and set about writing a script. Release all your tensions through your fingertips and onto that keyboard, it should make interesting reading. Start today!"

And if I may go back to the original topic, why specifically 'Hollywood'?

Right now, Mr. Deakins is making a big-budget movie in the UK and is on location a few miles down the road from us - all very far away from Hollywood and the lifestyle that it engenders.

Very few people think of Russia’s far-eastern Republic of Sakha and movies being made in the local Yakut language.  Today the film industry is booming in Sakha, which is five times the size of France or twice the size of Alaska but has only 1m people. Half of all Russian movies made outside Moscow and St Petersburg are from there. At cinemas in the capital, Yakutsk, local productions often outgross Hollywood blockbusters. In recent years, Yakut directors have been featured at festivals from Berlin to Seoul.

Yakut identity holds clues to the films’ success. Many are shot in the Yakut language, a Turkic tongue with little resemblance to Russian. Scripts draw heavily on Yakut folklore, a tradition-rich with fantasy, mysticism and otherworldly realms.

Beat that, Hollywood!

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