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Are you sure you want to delete this?

I get that perhaps your intentions are good, but your superiority complex and elitism are showing badly, first you asume that we all worship the system and are happy being cogs in this evil monstrous machine, that we all believe in some twisted rags to riches story about ourselves, we do not, i for one, and im sure the others in this forum do aswell, want to be a filmmaker because i want to make stuff that make people feel complex, intense emotions, bring visibility to things i consider important and full of value, make people question things about their lives, about society etc etc, just like the filmmakers i admire do, also may i ask, what are you doing about this? what are you doing to change what you so openly criticize, other than writing walls of bitterness in forums online, your arguments are reductionist, all i get from you is "older cinema good", "current cinema evil and bad"
if you could elaborate, calmly, im listening.

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