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Furthermore, what bothers me about all of you, is how you tend to IGNORE the world, and simply talk about the “technical” aspects of cinematography. Yes, it is a cinematography discussion board, but there are horrific things happening all around us, and many LIES being spread by evil people.

As storytellers, you all know that if you can control how a person FEELS, you control the WAY THEY THINK. And that is exactly what the mass media is doing, even films that promote WHITE GUILT! How many “white American people are racist” films have they made? How do you think black people FEEL, after they leave a movie when they are reminded their ancestors were slaves in chains working on plantation fields? And seeing all those white people whipping them? There were abolitionists who FOUGHT this evil! HUNDREDS AND THOUSANDS OF AMERICANS DIED! To end slavery! Where is their story?

Even someone like JO Mankiewicz who made ‘No Way Out’ created a hero in Sidney Poitier by making him a peaceful black man who FOUGHT racism with good deeds. In the end he saves the life of a white man who tried to kill him and called him the N-word. Nowadays you have Django Unchained, which is violent and hateful!

This is systematic brainwashing! If people can’t see that, then they are blind!

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