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You’re all pathetic if you want to follow the “tradition “ or have dreams of “making it big”! Life is not about awards or having a bank full of money. Sure it buys you nice things, your life is full of comfort, but what I am angry about, is that films have become purely a profit business. It’s best for smaller, inexpensive films to be made. Nothing exciting is being done, no new narratives being explored. Why do we have to continue to make “traditional American” films.

When the French New Wave took over, we were introduced to actors no one knew about, filmmakers used actors like Anna Karina. Why follow the same model of paying actors MILLIONS of dollars?? Why should we care about American directors who are total sellouts?? Why can’t films be cheap and rely more on creativity?? Look at Citizen Kane, how low budget it was and the creativity bloomed like nothing anyone had ever seen!

REMEMBER, cinema is an art first and foremost! And it is up for the future to take it back and make real art! Why can’t the masses still make films in black and white??? Why does everything have to be wide screen?? Who made up all these bullshit rules how films should be written in screenwriting books?

Nobody thinks freely, it’s all controlled and moderated by money hungry bastards. We should go back to the way films were made, because they were truly beautiful.

i was watching ‘The More the Merrier’ a few days ago, I had never seen it. And for those 2 hours I had so much fun, I forgot everything about my life and politics, and I laughed and enjoyed every minute. All done in academy ratio, black and white, no fancy stuff, just powerful actors with great charisma! The world is missing out on the greatest art of them all! But it seems everyone has forgotten about the past, and they think Avengers which Rotten Tomatoes calls a masterpiece with 100% fresh rating is where great cinema begins! They think JJ Abrams is god, and know nothing of the true greats. 

This is why I don’t believe American cinema will ever be as creative as it used to be; what happened to all the great stories of the past? It’s terribly sad! 


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