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That’s not saying much for Rogers films is it. How many U.K. film makers have you actually met? Can you explain why so many US owned production companies have invested millions of dollars in U.K. film studios over the last 20 years. The answer is quite simply, ‘Profit’ it’s a win, win situation for everyone. Even Disney is thinking of transferring its HQ to London. Hollywood is not dead but does need urgent cash injection for it to modernise and become attractive again as a movie making hub. Investors like London and it’s film making facilities but also like the idea that they can cross the channel and use other studios, it’s all a matter of competition and
common sense even Mr Trump has bought Real Estate here in addition to golf clubs and building plots. Perhaps you to would would like sink in a few million dollars of your hard earned cash but ofcourse the movie industry is not a good investment as far as you are concerned. Movie business is booming here, thanks partly to U.K. tax incentives and also to Uncle Sam for knowing a good deal when you see one!

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