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When I think of the word “Hollywood” it is basically the definition of elite globalists, who think the rest of us ordinary citizens are dumb. Idiots like DeNiro and other celebs who are still trying to convince uninformed sheep that the Mueller report is legitimate and that Trump colluded with Russia; even though insufficient evidence was found by the DOJ and the report itself was INCONCLUSIVE. It is a conspiracy to impeach Trump, because they fear what will be uncovered against the Clintons and their close ties with Hollywood juggernauts. Epstein has agreed to release names, and Dems are desperate to further their agenda to make America into an impoverished, crime-riddled shithole, like the UK.

London is overrun by Muslim migrants who are raping women, citizens have been disarmed and can’t bear arms to defend themselves. Refugees are taking over UK, so much that natural born citizens are now the minority and have a Muslim mayor in London who defends refugee criminals and rapists. This is what your celebrities want for America, because they want to reign over us. 

It wasn’t like this before, in the 1940s Hollywood served our military! John Ford and many other directors made documentaries in support of our country. They stood against Democratic racists who founded the KKK and Jim Crow laws. Hollywood meant something in those days. Now it’s just a crumbling empire of evil conspirators who hate America and Israel. 


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