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I am NOT antisemitic! How can someone like Natalie Portman, who is a Jew, side with Palestine? And there are countless other Hollywood Jews who are against Israel. Democratic leaders have even defended hateful rhetoric against Israel like Rep. Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and AOC, the so-called “Squad”. Pelosi even demanded an apology from Trump for speaking out against their hate speech. Liberal Hollywood is no different. They are anti-American, anti-Israel globalists like Clooney! Clintons were funded by people like Epstein, Weinstein, notorious pedophiles. You ask me why I am bitter? It is because these liberal elite have weaponized cinema and turned it into something unbearable. They are greedy parasites who should be swallowed by the earth. Encouraging success is not a good thing; the chances of anyone being able to be in a position like Roger’s is incredibly rare. Like 1 in a billion. I think it’s best for someone to be grounded in reality and work with what they have now, as opposed to chasing a pipe dream. It’s best to make small films with your phone, and if they are any good, step it up a notch little by little. The new generation of filmmakers shouldn’t even think of Hollywood, I think now is the time to explore other avenues, the way the French New Wave made films inexpensive and artful. American films need that, let these other idiots make their super hero crap, and let all those sellouts drown with them, when people get tired of watching that garbage.

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